What we've built has been by design.

Our corporate culture has been deliberately planned and nurtured, starting with leadership that truly listens to its teammates’ needs, desires and concerns; to seeking out talented people who share our values.

We are not one size fits all.

We work to our strengths and pursue contracts and opportunities that align with what we do best. We don’t seek to fill billets or simply add headcount. We give careful consideration to those referred to us and offer employment to those who will join us on our journey to expand our client footprint, build upon our core services, and accept responsibility for personal growth and accountability.

What does that look like?

It’s different for everyone. It’s unique. It’s tailored. It’s based upon what matters to you. We call that finding your True North, and we support you on your journey to do so. We don’t force square pegs into round holes. We work to find you assignments you’ll enjoy, where you can serve the client as well as hone your expertise. When you’re ready for a new challenge, we work with you to find the right fit.


To be our clients’ most proficient, responsive, and innovative partner.


We deliver expert support to intelligence operations, cyber defense, IT support, and training design and delivery to both federal and civilian agencies as well as commercial companies.


Our three-part strategy ensures company and teammate success:
1. Hire smart, talented, people
2. Help them find their true north
3. Treat them right